Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Great Human

Sir Nicholas Winton is a British humanitarian who set up a rescue operation on the eve of the Second World War. His efforts saved the lives of 669 children, mostly Jewish, from Nazi death camps in Czechoslovakia, and brought them to safety in England. He has been dubbed the "British Schindler".

For half a century Winton kept quiet about his humanitarian exploits, until in 1988 his wife Grete found a scrapbook in their attic. It contained the complete list of children's names, and the names and addresses of those who took the children in. By writing to the addresses, she managed to find 80 of "Winton's children" in Britain.

This clip shows Sir Nicholas sitting in an audience of the children he saved, and the touching moment when their identity was revealed to him.

Author:Olivia Adams

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Body Art at its Best

Wikipedia says “In more recent times, the body has become a subject of much broader discussion and treatment than can be reduced to body art in its common understanding”.

What about this charming body art piece? The makeup and body painted used for this piece is Showoffs Body Art / ProAiir Hybrid Makeup. This art piece indicates the color contrast of fire and ice. The sun always coincides with fire/warmth and moon coincides with ice/cold. Artist has used that feature neatly in the art piece. If you examine carefully you will be able to find many more artistic effects and facts of this gorgeous painting.  

The model and wall mural are designed by Brandi Hogan where the body painting and photography are done by Bryan Crump of The Crump EffectSee it more here...